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Starter Pack

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The starter kit is ideal for occupational therapists to demonstrate all possibilities and accessories of the Mobeli® grab bar.

Mobeli® grab bars
This kit contains one complete Mobeli® telescopic grab bar of 220 – 345 mm and one separate hand grip of 110 mm and 210 mm for the grab bar making it possible to demonstrate three different grab bars.

Tilting Lever Protection with Key
The Mobeli® Tilting Lever Protection is designed for people who cannot operate the mobile grab bar handle themselves (e.g. persons suffering from dementia and children). The Tilting Lever Protection can be used to lock the grab handle or it may serve as an anti-theft device for Mobeli® grab bar systems in public areas, e.g. in hotels, hospitals or retirement homes.

Snap unlockers
Three functions of the snap unlockers:
  • It helps persons who have a weak grip to press the snaps
  • Locking the snaps only requires a quarter turn of the snap unlockers
  • It is a helpful contrast mark for the visually impaired people (the red colour is a clear contrast mark
Special cleaning kit
By cleaning the pads with our special cleaning fluid they maintain their optimum holding force.

Tilting lever extension
If a person hasn’t got enough strength to press down the rocker the tilting lever extension is the perfect solution for locking or releasing the tilting lever.

Suction Pad Protection Rings
The Suction Pad Protection Ring is a simple but highly effective protection for the suction pads of the Mobeli® grab bar. We recommend it for people who do a lot of travelling.
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EAN code
EAN code: 4250254402884
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This product is provided with the following documents:

  1. Product Sheet
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Starter Pack

Recommended retail price
€ 199,95
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