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Happy Legs - premium

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The Happylegs powered passive exerciser improves the health of anyone who spends long hours sitting without moving around. Its movement massages your legs, stimulating the circulation naturally and facilitating physical exercise.

Specialists in cardiovascular health, confirm its effectiveness as treatment against diabetes, reduced mobility, overweight and a sedentary life. Also recommended for sedentary work activities.

It can be used with a pacemaker and in chronic venous diseases.

Recommended use of the Happylegs: 30 to 40 minutes in the morning and another session during the day.

- strengthens and tones up the muscles of the legs
- restores the joint mobility
- reduces swollen legs, knees and feet

Available in 2 models: classic and premium ( with remote control).

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EAN code
EAN code: 8437009278000
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This product is provided with the following documents:

  1. happylegs-catalogue-en.pdf
  2. happylegs-instuctions.pdf
  3. Product Sheet
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Happy Legs - premium

Recommended retail price
€ 349,00
including VAT